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When we’re entertaining guests, we may not want formal, sit-down dining. Many social gatherings, like cocktail parties, work with finger food. This means a wide variety of foods that can be eaten while standing and socialising with others. Many Asian dishes are ideal for this.

Seafood Pancakes – Korean pancakes are more like an omelette. When cut into bite-size pieces, these are great finger food.

Fish Cake Balls – Bite-sized fish balls on a toothpick, perhaps with some dipping sauce. This is the right combination of slightly different and partially familiar. People are happy to try this, because it looks like most other party food, yet it is different enough to stand out.

Korean Fried Chicken – Leaner and lighter than Western chicken, this comes in several spicy options, including a few mild options for those who don’t like their food to be too hot. You will need a napkin to keep your fingers clean, but chicken is always popular, and the Asian variations provide a unique twist.

Korean Radish Wraps – One for the health-conscious, this is a thin layer of pickled radish wrapped around vegetables, and perhaps some meat. As well as being healthy, these look quite stylish.

Sweet and Sour Pork – This is small pieces of battered pork, served with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Crispy and irresistible.

BBQ Ribs – Ribs are slow-cooked on the bone, making them extremely tender. They taste as good as they smell.

Kimbap – These look like sushi, which is already a popular finger food. But unlike Japanese sushi, the Korean kimbap is sweeter and contains different ingredients, like ham, tuna, grilled meat, vegetables and sometimes cheese.

Yubuchbap – It looks like a pasty, but it’s really a fried bean pocket filled with sweet vinegar rice and a few vegetables. Great for finger food, which people always want more of.

Dim Sims – We already know about these, but dim sims remain popular because they taste great. And pre-packaged dim sims are easy to prepare.

Spring Rolls – Again, an old favourite at parties. These are easy to make from pre-packaged frozen orders.

Our Asian Store Townsville has many pre-packaged frozen foods that are great for parties. Easy to prepare even in large quantities.


Asian Store Townsville

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