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Fermented foods are an important, perhaps essential part of our diet. There have been fermented foods for many centuries. But the health benefits of these foods have only received significant study over the past few decades.

Fermentation was originally used as a preservation method. Before refrigeration this was, along with salting, one of the only methods of preserving foods for any length of time. Of course, fermentation changed the taste, look and nutritional value of the food. And many people liked this change. Beer and other alcoholic drinks were produced by fermentation. These remained popular. The same applied to some cheeses. People ate the food for the flavour, perhaps unaware in the nutritional value.

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The nutritional value of fermenting these foods was important. In some cultures it was the only way to produce Vitamin B12 and a few other essential components of our diet. Fermentation was also important for the production of healthy gut bacteria. This remains important today. Lack of this healthy gut bacteria, which our ancestors may have taken for granted, leads to depression, constant fatigue, confused thinking, poor digestion, and general poor health. It also affects teeth and gums. Adding fermented foods to our diet can quickly improve our physical and mental health.

Some Asian sources of fermented foods include.

Kimchi – A Korean dish made of fermented cabbage, usually with some hot chilli spice. It has a complex taste which is sharp and tangy, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. It has a certain Umami flavour otherwise only present in meat.
Kimchi, as well as containing vitamins, is an excellent source of healthy bacteria. It strongly boosts the immune system. One downside is that it is high in sodium.

Miso – This is a Japanese dish, usually based on fermented soy beans, though other legumes are sometimes used. It is a paste, high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein.
Miso is more of a condiment than a food. It can be used as the basis for soup, a marinade for fish or meat, a sauce for vegetables, or a dip. Some Japanese will use miso as an accompaniment when drinking Sake.

Soy Sause – Perhaps the best-known item on this list, Soy sauce is ubiquitous in many Asian countries. We almost always see it with sushi, and often with rice and noodles. It is rather salty in taste, and high in sodium. But in moderation it is healthy.

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Whether as condiments or the main meal, Asian foods and delicious and often healthy. We offer home delivery.

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