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Asia is a large area, incorporating many countries, cultures, and cuisines. This means the is a fairly wide diversity to Asian foods. Almost everybody will find there are some Asian foods that appeal to them. And a lot of these foods have health benefits.

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Lower calories – Many Asian foods have lower calories, as they use spices for flavour rather than butter, oil, cream or sugar. Even when they do use oil, perhaps for stir fry cooking, it is healthy oils suitable for high temperature cooking. The vegetables and meat from this cooking are lower calorie than most other options. Stir fry is healthier than almost any fried food.

Lower cancer risk – The are a few factors that help prevent cancer. Eating less processed food lowers cancer risk, as does eating less sugar. Eating a moderate amount of spicy food (Capsaicin, ginger …etc.) goes a long way to preventing and fighting cancer, though moderation might be the key word here as too much spice on food raises the risk of stomach cancer.
Asian food that is spicy and unprocessed helps lower the risk of many cancers. The Broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables in Asian cooking also reduce the risk of cancer.

Mood – Spicy foods, including many Asian dishes, will release endorphins in the brain. This puts us in a better mood, a feeling of well-being.

Convenance – We have become accustomed to instant food in the West, either at fast food restaurants or as frozen meals. These options tend to be full of sodium and preservatives, which raise blood pressure. Some cheaper Asian food (like instant noodles and canned goods) suffer the same problem. But genuine Asian noodles, and most other Asian foods have few additives, and are both quick and healthy. Avoid using too much Soy sauce and any anything with high sodium and you will not go too far wrong.

Healthy Bacteria – We didn’t hear much about gut bacteria until about a generation ago. Now we understand that gut bacteria influence mood, cognitive function, and our immune system. Adding fermented food to our diet, like Korean Kimchi or Japanese miso, does wonders for our gut bacteria and immune system.

Asian Store Townsville

Asian food offers may different options, even when using familiar ingredients. We offer convenient home delivery.

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