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Basic Rice

Rice is perhaps the most widely consumed crop around the globe, at least by people. Only sugar cane and corn have higher production yields, though much of this is used for animal feed. About 85% of all rice is grown in Asian countries.

A few generations ago rice was uncommon in Australia, at least for the main course. It was only really popular as a rice pudding dessert. But being a multicultural country Australia adopted rice from many Asian and African immigrants.

Types of Rice:

Rice is healthy, but it cannot be the only food we eat. Natural rice lacks vitamin A and a few other substances that are essential for our diet. To counter this Golden rice was developed, which includes beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A. But it is not necessary to have golden rice if we simply make rice dishes that include other foods.

  • Golden Rice – A yellow rice that included Vitamin A in the diet
  • Jasmine Rice – A long grain rice that is lightly sticky and very fluffy. It has a popular taste that is slightly different from other white rice and is probably the most popular rice for Asian cooking.
  • Basmati Rice – This is Indian rice that has been aged. It has a nutty flavour and man-healthy micronutrients.
  • Glutinous Rice – This is also known as sticky rice. It is slightly translucent in colour. This is used in many sweets.
  • Sushi Rice – These consist of several types of short grain rice that all have a higher starch content. It is sticky when cooked, which is needed for sushi dishes.
  • Black Rice – Also known as Royal Rice. This is literally purple to black in colour, containing a lot of nutrients. A little black rice may be added to white rice to give a light pink/purple colour and added nutrients.
  • Red Rice – This is a red coloured rice with a high antioxidant level and a very high nutritional content. It also has a low glycaemic index, so it releases energy slowly, not causing sugar spikes.

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