Why Asian Food is So Popular

Asian Food Store Cairns

Popularity of Asian Food Store Cairns

When it comes to food there is sometimes a compromise between quality and convenience. Fast food is convenient, as are instant meals. Yet while some people like the taste of instant and fast food, something of a guilty pleasure, others would prefer food that is prepared in a traditional way. There is also a concern that instant, fast food is often unhealthy, but there are at least a few exceptions to this trend.

Another issue with food is diversity. Few people would want the same thing every time. Most people are at least a little interested in trying something new. One way to do try new things is to have a variation on something we are already familiar with. Asian cuisine does this on a regular basis. We are all familiar with chicken, and eating chicken could hardly be seen as adventurous. But there are many Asian variations on chicken, and almost everybody will find at least one Asian chicken dish that they like.

The Quick and the Good – Asian Food Store Cairns

A stir fry is one way to prepare a reasonably quick dish that is also quite healthy. The high temperature means the ingredients cook quickly, and it is a simple matter to add a variety of healthy vegetables. You can even slip in one or two vegetables you otherwise dislike, as the individual flavours get lost amid the other ingredients and the spice.

For those who want minimal preparation time, a stir fry can be created with a frozen bag of mixed vegetables.

Noodles are another good ‘rapidly prepared food’ option. In the West, we are often only familiar with instant noodles, which are very unhealthy. But there are many alternative types of noodles, made of anything from sweet potato to rice to wheat. These are more like spaghetti than instant noodles. They combine well with vegetables, meat or salad.

Communal Eating – Asian Food Store Cairns

Eating with family and friends is an enjoyable social activity. Sharing communal dishes is an Asian tradition, something that Westerners inadvertently pick up when ordering Asian food. In addition to being social, it means we have a wide variety of choices within in one meal. We don’t all have to eat the same thing, we can combine small portions of chicken, beef, pork, dim-sims and vegetables on one plate.

Asian Food Store Cairns

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